What is a wind suit


Another tool used to measure the wind is the wind rose. Wind roses are most commonly found at airports to indicate to pilots the direction and intensity of the wind. They are also used in chemical plants and oil platforms where they help reduce and monitor the risk of air pollution. Some people like their appearance, and there are windshists that are completely decorative. A wind jumpsuit points in the direction in which the wind blows. That is, if the sharpened end of the wind brick indicates the north, it indicates that there is a wind blowing from the south. You can also estimate wind speed by looking at the angle of the wind brick relative to the mounting pole as the wind blows through it. Each rotating orange and white strip equates to a wind speed of 3 knots, and a fully extended sock shows wind speeds of 15 knots or greater (28 km/h; 17 mph).


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