The World’s Windiest Cities


The following list describes the top 10 cities and locations in the world that are constantly exposed to strong wind conditions. 1.Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica 2.Wellington, New Zealand 3.Barrow Island, Australia 4.Mount Everest, Nepal 5.Patagonia, Argentina 6.Dodge City, Kansas, United States 7.Saint John’s, Canada 8.Mount Washington, New Hampshire, United States 9.Baku, Azerbaijan 10.Gruissan, France Commonwealth Gulf, Antarctica Since this position has already been extensively discussed throughout this article, no additional information is required. The fact that annual average wind speeds of 50 mph and strong winds of 150 mph embody the status of the windiest place on the planet can be repeated. Wellington, New Zealand Wellington is not only the southernmost capital city in the world, but it also holds the title of the windiest city on the planet. The “Roaring Forties”, famous for their extreme winds, are also located in latitudes 40 to 50 degrees south of the Equator. The highest wind speed recorded in this location is 248 km With winds blowing 233 days a year and average wind speeds of 43 km, it is clear to see why this city is widely considered the windiest city. Barrow Island, Australia Barrow Island is located off the northwest coast of Australia. It is extensively exposed to wind activity as it does not have any natural protection. What sets it apart, however, is that it holds the record for the highest surface wind speed currently recorded in the world. An unmanned station, 408 km on April 10, 1996 This wind storm occurred during tropical hurricane Olivia, and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) considers it the highest surface speed ever recorded. Mount Everest, Nepal The inclusion of a mountain top in the list of the windiest places in the world may seem a bit strange, but it has much more to do with the altitude of extreme winds at the top of Mount Everest than its physical location. At an altitude of 8848 meters, the summit of Everest is directly exposed to jet streams, strong narrow bands of wind flowing through the upper atmosphere. Although they are not permanent, these winds usually blow at high speeds for long periods of time. Climbers may experience short-term calm weather conditions, but are usually short-lived. While winds regularly reach speeds of 161 km, the highest wind speed ever recorded was in February 2004 and measured at 282 km. Jet streams usually get little attention because they occur so high in the atmosphere, but the height of the mountain carries it into the realm of these dangerous winds. Patagonia, Argentina Patagonia is a land strip located at the southernmost point of Argentina. Like Wellington (New Zealand), it is also subject to the Roaring Forties, which are characterized by constant gusty winds. The city of Punta Arenas experienced such strong wind activity throughout the year that authorities erected ropes between buildings to help people hold on during high winds. With winds reaching speeds of up to 129 km, this is completely understandable. One factor contributing to the strong wind conditions that characterize the area is the physical geography around Cape Horn, which causes the wind to spin around and increase its speed. Dodge City, Kansas Dodge City is one of the windiest cities in the United States. It is located on the infamous “Tornado Road” in the American Midwestern Plains, which experiences an extraordinarily high number of hurricanes each year. Winds blowing from the neighboring Rocky Mountains into the flat plains of the Central United States are the biggest contributors to the steady winds experienced in this part of the country. The resulting winds have an average speed of 23 km, blowing almost continuously for most of the year. Saint John’s, Canada Saint John’s is located on the east coast of Newfoundland, Canada. It bears the title of Canada’s Windiest City. And for good reason. Winds continue for the largest part of the year and have an average speed of 21.8 km. On top of that, winds reach and exceed speeds of up to 48 km on average 47 days of the year. Mount Washington, New Hampshire Before Barrow Island in Australia was crowned the windiest place in the world, the title belonged to Mount Washington at a recorded speed of 372 km/h (231 mph). With an average wind speed of 51 km/h (32 mph), it is still one of the windiest places on the planet. It is also the windiest region of the United States. Baku, Azerbaijan The capital of Azerbaijan and the largest city of the country, Baku has gained a reputation as a windy city due to the cold northern winds blowing from the Caspian Sea (called khazri and called gilavar from the warm southern winds flowing over land. These winds cause Baku to experience strong winds throughout the year, while khazri reaches speeds of up to 144 km at every opportunity. It should come as no surprise that the city bears the nickname City of the Winds. Gruissan, France Gruissan is a coastal commune in the south of France. The traditional fishing village is built around the ruins of a 10th-century castle and is circle-shaped. The winds blow about 300 days a year at an average speed of 29 km. Strong northwest Tramontane is the prevailing wind in the region.


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